Our Dermatologist, Dr. Margaret Plaza-Corcoran went recently to Monaco to get more updates and train with the world-renowned Aesthetic Doctors, Drs. Sophie Converset and Dario Bertossi. There are many new trends in Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dermatology that Dr. Corcoran has acquired, such as new techniques in Dermal Fillers, Botox and other Anti-aging treatments, Hand Rejuvenation, Body contouring, etc. Expect new and breakthrough treatments that will be introduced at CorDerm soon.

PURE OXYGEN REJUVENATING FACIAL: The Ultimate Facial to Detoxify & Revive Your Skin

Pure Oxygen Rejuvenating Facial is a breakthrough treatment that revitalizes the facial skin by using purified air devoid of harmful elements such as Nitrogen and carbon dioxide. The purified air is used to apply powerful and medically-proven skin care products containing ingredients that address ageing skin, acne, enlarged pores, pigmentation, dull and dry skin. Thus, Pure Oxygen Rejuvenating Facial is the only facial treatment that detoxifies and at the same time rejuvenates the skin!

This improves many aspects of your skin including:
• Visibly firms and improves skin suppleness
• Hydrates and revitalizes the skin’s appearance
• Improves skin circulation, maintaining strong skin
• Reduces acne
• Freshens facial features by plumping sunken and dry skin
• Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
• Reduces pigmentations
• Evens out the skin tone and brightens the skin

The treatment is completely comfortable and painless. There are no known side effects and no downtime. Right after the treatment, there will be visible improvement with skin texture and skin tone.

Pure Oxygen Rejuvenating Facial is suited for all skin types, even for sensitive skin. The scientifically-proven ingredients in the facial treatment will refresh any complexion, and brighten dull and rejuvenate dry and problematic skin.

We usually recommend at least 5 treatments for more significant effect, however, you can have as much as you want since it is a completely safe facial treatment. Treatments can be done every 2 to 4 weeks.

Want to know more about Pure Oxygen Rejuvenating Facial? Ask our Board-Certified, Internationally-trained Dermatologist about it.

Call us at 8088140, 8869148 or 0917-9579335 to schedule your consultation/treatment. See you at CorDerm soon!

HELIOCARE® 360° MINERAL FLUID SUNBLOCK – New Generation Broad Spectrum Sunblock with Additional Protection Against Infrared & Harmful Visible Light

We all see the label – “Broad Spectrum Sunblock/Sun protection” in many of the sunblock creams/lotions in the market. But do you know that Infrared and Visible light can likewise harm the skin and accelerate the skin aging process?

Heliocare® 360° protects against the complete spectrum of daily environmental challenges UVB, UVA, Infrared­‐A (IR-A) and Visible light. Heliocare® 360° BioShield System of Fractional Biomimetic Melanin and Pro­-Taurine provide additional advanced biological protection against high energy visible light and Infrared‐A radiation. The BioShield System absorbs high‐energy visible light at the skin’s surface and helps neutralise the action of infrared-A within the skin.

Heliocare® 360° prevents the damage free radicals generated by these daily challenges can cause using the clinically proven and patented Fernblock® Polypodium leuctomos extract contained in every Heliocare product. Fernblock® is a natural complex containing powerful polyphenol anti‐oxidants such as ferulic, caffeic and vanillic acid, supported by extensive peer review published evidence of it’s high level skin anti-­oxidant efficacy. In Heliocare® 360ᴼ this is fortified with additional ferulic and caffeic acid to make Fernblock® FC, with an antioxidant activity up to 4x greater than Fernblock® alone. The Heliocare 360ᴼ antioxidant prevention effect is further enhanced by the addition of Vitamin C, Vitamin E & Green tea extract.

What’s more, Heliocare® 360° repairs the DNA skin cells that were damaged by it’s absorption of UV and through oxidative stress. This damage can accelerate skin­‐ageing and impair skin-health, in the worst case leading to skin cancer. Fernblock® FC can help reduce DNA damage and natural plant-derived DNA repair enzyme ingredients in Heliocare® 360° can help reduce the level of DNA damage.

Heliocare 360˚ Mineral provides the ultimate photo and anti-oxidant protection! The mineral fluid formulation is light, breathable and leaves skin feeling luxuriously silky and smooth. Perfect for use under make-up. It also works to hydrate the skin and has a mattifying effect, so it’s great for daily use for all skin types. Heliocare® 360° has the following characteristics:

• Hypoallergenic, even for the most sensitive skin
• Mineral formulation is light, natural and breathable
• The pearl coloured, light-reflective fluid leaves the skin with a satin glow and feeling luxuriously silky and smooth
• Hydrates the skin and has a mattifying effect
• Perfect for use under make-up
• Great for all skin types

Directions: Apply to face, neck and décolleté 15 to 30 minutes before sun exposure.

Made in the USA

BIRETIX® DUO GEL – New Generation Topical Treatment to Address All Stages of Acne

Our skin is covered in hair follicles. In a healthy hair follicle the sebaceous gland produces a small amount of sebum, which moves up to the surface of the skin where it acts as a waterproofing agent. The opening of the follicle is wide making it easy for the sebum to exit the follicle.

Acne are caused when the opening to the hair follicle is blocked, closing off oxygen and allowing the sebum to stagnate. This is the early stage of acne known as a comedone.

This environment allows rapid growth of Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes), the bacteria that leads to acne. At this point the hair follicle becomes inflamed and red and forms pus.

There are several factors than can contribute to cause of Acne:
– Hair follicles can become blocked by excessive sebum on the skin and an accumulation of dead skin cells
– Some cosmetic products can block hair follicles
– Hormones can cause an increased production of sebum and an accumulation of dead skin cells at the follicle opening.

In order to effectively fight acne, each stage of the acne development process needs to be tackled.

BiRetix Duo Gel is a clinically proven purifying exfoliating gel that visibly improves the appearance of acne. Containing the optimum balance of leading technologies, this product works to target every stage of the development of acne, clearing the skin of existing blemishes and helping to prevent further breakouts.

The unique combination of vitamin A ingredients work to clear pores and purify the skin, helping to reduce the appearance of comedones that can lead to the formation of spots. Salicylic Acid gently exfoliates, unclogging blocked pores, clarifying the skin and diminishing any redness. Meanwhile, the clinically proven, sophisticated botanical complex fight against 24 strains of P. Acnes – the bacteria that lead to spots – while causing no bacterial resistance, meaning this treatment can be used for prolonged periods of time.

This non-irritating, no-sensitizing gel is an effective treatment for all stages of acne.

A clinically proven, effective treatment for inflammatory acne
– Vitamin A works to clear pores
– Salicylic Acid unclogs pores and reduces redness
– Botanical actives fight against spot-causing bacteria
– Does not sensitize the skin or cause bacterial resistance

Apply an even layer to the affected areas after cleansing, once or twice daily. For best results, combine with the other products recommended by your Board-Certified Dermatologist.


AKNICARE™ CHEST AND BACK – Revolutionary Spray Treatment for Chest and Back Acne

We usually have treatments for facial pimples/acne, but we seldom have treatments for our chest and back acne. We don’t believe if you don’t see it, it doesn’t matter. Acne on the chest and back is very common. Men, and especially young adults won’t take their t-shirts off in public situations, or permanently wear vests, or women who refuse to wear low cut or even normal cut tops and wear stifling high necked one piece swimming costumes, just because they have disfiguring acne and blemishes on their chest and back.

Now, there is a new and convenient way to take care of our chest and back acne – Aknicare™ Chest and Back. It’s so easy to apply, just spray on the problem areas on your back and chest!

Aknicare™ Chest and Back is a unique combination of 3 key ingredients which target all the causes of back acne in a pump spray presentation. The 3 ingredients have been proven to reduce inflamed and non-inflamed spots and blackheads after weeks of use.

Aknicare™ Chest and Back works faster than conventional treatments such as antibiotics and doesn’t cause resistance

Aknicare™ Chest and Back works faster than benzoyl peroxide and doesn’t have the worrying side effects such as extreme drying of the skin and dark spots/hyperpigmentation.

Clinical studies published in the British Journal of Dermatology show less new spots emerged each week of use and old spots disappeared quickly. Oil production rates were reduced by up to 68% with an average of 53%.

The key ingredients of Triethyl citrate, Ethyl linoleate and GT peptide-10 work synergistically to transform acne skin to clear skin. These ingredients are supported by salicylic acid and calming ingredients along with products to maintain barrier function and to prevent skin drying.