Ultherapy® – The ONLY US FDA-Aprroved Device to Lift the Face & Neck Without Surgery!


There are so many claims about Non-Surgical Lifting out there, but ULTHERAPY® is the only US FDA approved device that can prove that there is Actual Lifting of the Skin. Ultherapy®, through its High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, targets the SMAS Layer of the Skin, the area that Surgeons target to create a real Face and Neck Lift. Only Ultherapy® does that.
Ultherapy® Lifts the Face and Neck, Contours the Face, & even Improves Double Chin. Results prove the Science behind Ultherapy®. What’s more, the results last for up to 3 years!
Need to know more about Ultherapy®? Ask our Board-Certified and Internationally-Trained Dermatologist about it.

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