Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty Using Plasmage®

PLASMAGE®, Fractional Plasma therapy, is a very effective treatment for Drooping Eyelids, thus it’s a good Non-surgical Blepharoplasty treatment. Downtime is very minimal, around 4 to 7 days. Results are as good as surgical blepharoplasty and are seen after 3 to 4 weeks!
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PLASMAGE® – Revolutionary Non-Surgical Device for Eyelid Improvement (Blepharoplasty)

Plasmage® is a medical device using the phenomenon of Plasma. It is used to non-surgically remove of skin lesions. It is an excellent alternative in the treatments of diseases that previously were subjected to be treated in the field of cosmetic surgery, for example, Correction drooping eyelids. Plasmage® can be safely used for the upper eyelids since it just affects the outer layer, the epidermis and wouldn’t penetrate the thin skin of the eyelids to cause damage to the eyes. Plasmage® likewise does not damage the surrounding tissues subjected to change treatment, so there is no inflammation to healthy skin.

As a result of loss of elasticity and the process of gravity, many people have excess skin on the eyelids. By treating the redundant skin of the eyelids, we make the eyes look younger and prevent vision problems.

Plasmage® works exactly on the treated area, it does not affect the surrounding tissue, and does not affect the deeper layers of the skin. The effects are visible immediately. Under an impact of high temperature plasma could be formed brown scabs. They fall off themselves and it takes about 1 week. Postoperative redness should be protected from the sun.

Plasmage® technology works superbly well for Smoker’s lines, or vertical wrinkles above the mouth. Plasma is also used in many other treatments, e.g. acne scars or removal of fibromas, warts, age spots. Positive effects can also be observed using Plasmage® on the wrinkles on the neck.

PLASMAGE® – Revolutionary Fractional Plasma Energy for the Treatment of Various Skin Problems

CorDerm Advanced Dermatology & Laser Center is proud to introduce for the First Time in the Philippines, the Plasmage®, Fractional Plasma Treatment!

Plasmage®, was invented by a team of expert medical engineers from the esteemed Italian company, Brera Medical Technologies. Plasmage® is used for Non-surgical Eyelid Lift, Removal of Wrinkles like Crow’s Feet and Smoker’s Lines (lines on lips), Deep Scars, Syringoma, Milia, Age Spots, Fibroids, Skintags, etc.

The comparative advantage of the Plasmage® apparatus is that due to its precision it acts precisely on those areas where it is difficult to use other instruments such as lasers or radiofrequency. Plasmage® works according to the principle of fractional plasma and is extremely precise, with the ability of setting the instrument’s strength while treating certain problems. Recovery time is short and the results are instant and impressive.

The device creates a series of small dots on the skin that are triggers for an immediate reaction – the tissue is tightened, lifted, contoured, and renewed. Plasmage uses the fourth state of matter – Gas – to achieve this effect. An ionization of gases from the air occurs, creating a small electric arch. These electric arches are used to treat a certain problem, while the surrounding skin remains unaffected.

Plasmage® can be used to treat the following
– Redundant skin in the eyelids
– Wrinkles (e.g. Lower eyelid wrinkles, Crow’s Feet, Smoker’s lines around the lips)
– Deep scars
– Syringoma
– Milia
– Sebaceous hyperplasia
– Seborrheic keratoses
– Age Spots
– Xanthelasma
– Fibroids
– Skintags
– Uneven skin tone
– Rough/Dry skin

Because anaesthetic cream is applied to the area to be treated, the prick from the needle is minimal, with only a brief tingly sensation. Recovery is entirely pain-free. Swelling may occur on the treated area, but will disappear in 2-3 days. You can then return to all your regular daily activities.

Plasmage® can yield stunning results, depending on the state of the skin. In fact, the results are visible immediately, with end results in 2-4 weeks, when the skin recovers completely.

After treatment, it is necessary to apply healing cream for at least 7 days. A sun protection cream or sunblock should be applied for at least 6 to 8 weeks . The scabs will fall off in around 7 days, and the skin will be completely renewed after 6 to 8 weeks.