NEORETIN® Serum Booster & Gel Cream SPF50 – Powerful Combination to Clear & Brighten Skin Pigmentations for an Even Complexion


NeoRetin® helps clear and brighten your skin, creating an even complexion. NeoRetin® helps control the appearance of your skin’s pigmentation by using clinically-proven ingredients to tackle every stage of the melanin production cycle, while the patented mild for all skin types formulation of these ingredients safely maximizes the beneficial effects to your skin. NeoRetin® has been thoroughly tested in clinical conditions and has been found to be effective on a range of skin types and levels of pigmentation.

NeoRetin® works hard to treat your skin in a number of ways. It is effective at tackling dark skin pigmentation by keeping your skin fresh and renewed, as well as actively whitening your skin. Additionally, it provides added protection from broad spectrum UVA and UVB light as well as keeping your skin moisturised and feeling great.

NeoRetin® uses a unique combination of Vitamin A ingredients to help increase cell turnover and exfoliation which speeds up the shedding of the darker skin cells. These ingredients are delivered through the epidermis using unique Retinsphere™ technology, which helps prolong the activity and bioavailability of the ingredients. .

NeoRetin®’s Whitening Booster System contains clinically proven brightening and lightening agents that prevent the development and transfer of melanin at every stage of its production cycle.

The range also includes broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, preventing any further melanin production, as well as protecting the skin from the other negative effects of UV exposure, reducing the production of “reactive oxygen species” or “free radicals” that cause sun damage and even skin cancer.

Finally, NeoRetin’s moisturising formulation locks moisture into the epidermis and optimises your skin’s tolerability so that it not only looks great, but feels great too.

Apply the NeoRetin® Gel cream SPF50 on the whole face in the morning.
Apply the NeoRetin® Serum Booster on skin pigmentations at night.